Zore commerical life began in 1999 but in 2004 becuse of revulotion in mobile techonology and increasing demand of mobile accessories company transformed its domain into mobile phone and accessories. since 2004 to this day, zore following world leading brands to producing best accessories product for mobile phone and related technology.Now Zore become a turkey leader company in Mobile accessories domain.

Zore with affordable and premium product can provide wide range of product for everyone and demand ,becuse of quality and relaibelity Zore today is a respectable preferred brand in Turkey,In addition of Zore stores company has more than 1,500 dealer and business partnerships across the country.
Zore's only goal in the future is to become the only known brand of style-possessing products that take place in life and that everyone uses and loves.
Zore future goal is the become brand with make theier own style witch become the part of people life and earn everyone love and respect.


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